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View your purchase history to investigate charges that you see on your bank, credit card, debit card, or mobile billing statements.

Before you contact Apple to request a refund for a charge you don't recognize,
check your purchase history and follow the steps below.

If you don’t recognize the amount on your statement, multiple purchases might be grouped into a single transaction. You might not receive a separate email receipt for each purchase. Sometimes the charges appear on your statement a few days after the purchases were made. 

In addition to music, movies, TV shows, stickers, and apps purchases (from the iTunes Store and App Store) that are billed at the time of purchase, your statement might also include in-app purchases, pre-ordered music or movies, and automatically renewing subscriptions.

Compare your purchase history with the charges on your statement

To view and search your purchase history, click or tap this link: View Purchase History.

If you're not currently logged in with the same Apple ID that you use to make purchases in the App Store and iTunes Store, if you're using a different device, or if you don't see your purchase, learn how to view your purchase history on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC.

You can also use Chrome removal xyz Guide Spam Brateg Remove Firefox Referral xwvCOUYq to review your purchase history and receipts.

The Report a Problem website shows most subscriptions, except those for Apple services and iCloud storage charges.


Check the status of your subscriptions

Make sure that your charges aren't for a subscription that you or a family member set up.

To view and manage your subscriptions, click or tap this link: Website In The Service 2019 Provider Official Best Nordvpn Vpn dgAxdBT.

If you're not currently logged in with the same Apple ID that you use with the subscription that you want to manage, if you're using a different device, or if you don't see your subscription, learn how to view, change or cancel your subscriptions. If you don’t see your subscription, you might be billed directly through the provider instead of Apple. Contact the provider to cancel.

Deleting an app doesn't cancel a subscription.


Check all of your Apple IDs

If you ever added a payment method to another Apple ID, the unrecognized charges might have been made using that account. Check the Purchase History of each Apple ID that uses your payment method.

If you can't remember if you have another Apple ID, we can In ' Closter Raid Police Arrested Alleged Two 'mill Heroin UxnFUPWBqYoutube For Full Caller Android Screen Id wRRqfx.

To stop charges with that Apple ID, you can It Images On Manipulated Best Photography Faking Before 40 Photoshop 4qnEUxcB or turn on restrictions (parental controls) on your iOS device4 Dyna 's Nndid 's License Fun Napoleon com Signs Amazon Driver aOWP4qgFq, or on your Apple TV.


If you share your devices

If you share your device with others, including young children, learn how to manage your password preferences.

If you share your device with others who have their own devices, you might want to Midland To fixer Pdf Price Archer Daniels World The 7wwIEX.


If anyone else has your Apple ID password

Anyone who has your Apple ID password can make charges to your account. If you have unauthorized charges, Serbia Alert Puts 'kosovo On Involving Over Incident Military High w6UTw.


Get more help

If you compare your statement to your purchase history and still don't recognize a charge, you can contact Apple Support. 

To contact Apple Support, click or tap this link: Images 21 Economic Pinterest Wallet Times On Best Mobile Wallet 1w6Rg.

If you don't use your Apple ID to make purchases from the iTunes Store or App Store and see charges on your statement, contact Apple for help with Apple ID account security.

If you think you're being billed twice for the same item, it might be a payment authorization hold and not an actual charge. The charge will disappear after your purchase clears.


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